Welcome to our site.  We are offering the avid golfer, club collector, and part time players some money saving choices. Most of the manufacturers have the idea that the new clubs they are producing today are disposable once you have used them for a while and expect you to buy a new improved model for another four or five hundred dollars for drivers and six hundred to a thousand for irons. Every six months they come out with another model with more performance hype.  

     Back in the days of wooden heads, a golfer would keep their favorite club for years and repair it until it would serve them no more. You can do the same with today’s high tech clubs. You can read on in my “The Truth Is Out There” by clicking the navigation bar.

     Send us your club (s) for what ever repair or alteration you need.  We open our shipments daily and they are processed for work the next day.  Our turn around time for most repairs is 3-6 working  days , more for special orders and 4-6 weeks on re-chroming services.

     Many of our customers have purchased a used club for a fraction the cost of a new one and send it in for refinishing.  Now they have a new looking driver for significantly less than a new one and especially today with hard economic times you can upgrade and have your old clubs looking new.

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